Monthsary Theme Gift Giving Day

 We scheduled an after office date to celebrate our post monthsary / gift giving day. It was held in Ayala Triangle where we enjoyed the Christmas decoration and lights all over the trees, or should I say… all over the place!

Peace on Earth

Christmas Time!


For our post monthsary dinner date, we decided to eat at Banapple. We had Penne Bolognese Pasta, Dark Chocolate Shake and Super Caramel Fudge Cake for dessert.

Penne Bolognese Pasta

Dark Chocolate Shake

Super Caramel Fudge Cake






Finally, the gift giving event! I got the curtain like shoes plus a sleeping cat notepad (Pinilit ang pet/animal theme. Haha!). Sleeping cat notepad which somehow describes me being a sleeping kat! 🙂

Good thing, the shoes fits me and my younger sister likes it and she has been looking for that curtain-shoes for months already. Just a little trivia, on my first time to use the shoes, it rained that’s why I didn’t wear it. It was also the same day that I got hospitalized and after I got home and I was really okay, I still managed to went out with him wearing the shoes that he gave!

Sleeping Kat and Curtain Shoes

Cow-Mug and friends! Harhar!

While Ching ching got a cow-mug (I actually didn’t follow the theme too, cow isn’t a pet – according to Ching ching but what if I wanted to have a cow as a pet? Haha! And it’s an animal, thus it’s still considered! Haha!). I also gave him the 4 gig flash drive as replacement for his 512mb flash drive that I lost and I handed over to him the Despicable Me shirt, bookmark and stickers that we received from SM.

Another joyful and superb night for us! ^__^


Post Monthsary Date

What’s the next theme for our 4th monthsary? Since it’s going to be December and it will be Christmas time and New Year’s Eve, we decided to postpone our theme gifts as we’ll be having a 3-in-1 gift on our 4th monthsary.

Monthsary gift theme will resume on our 5th month. Stay tuned!

We just celebrated our 3rd monthsary last 11-28-2010 and our monthsary gift theme is “something about pet/animals.” Our celebration was divided into two parts:

(1) 3rd Monthsary Date 
(2) Monthsary Themed Gift Giving Day.

3rd Monthsary Date

It was months ago when we had won a dinner date at Phoenix Court, Bellevue from Yummy Magazine, and was about to expire this December, thus we used it for our 3rd monthsary celebration.

Phoenix Court, Bellevue

Thanks to Yummy Magazine!

We ordered Roasted Cold Cuts Combination Platter, Boneless Chicken in Mango Sauce and Seafood “Something” Noodles (we forgot the exact name, sorry). For our drinks, we didn’t bother to order any as the complimentary tea is enough for us. We’re tea lovers, remember?

Roasted Cold Cuts Combination Platter

Boneless Chicken in Mango Sauce

Seafood "Something" Noodle


We felt like our great tasting food can feed a whole family! Haha! Thus, we had lots of take out! Thanks to Yummy for these yummy food! 🙂

Happy 3rd Monthsary

Biskwett & Ching ching ♥

But where are the monthsary themed gifts? NONE for that day! Ching ching left his in his office drawer while I intentionally left mine as well! Haha! 🙂

After he caught me...

we both fell asleep

After dinner kulitan photoshoot: (Click on the photo to enlarge)

kulit - kulit! ^__^

Happy 3rd Monthsary to us!

We also went to Jestyn’s house for a small get together, catch up, chit-chats and inuman night. Inuman night of softdrinks for me, actually. Haha! 🙂 I must say, they’ve missed my Tonyo a.k.a Charice PEMPENGCO.

Charice - Pyramid

Why Charice Pempengco? Wahaha! Evil laugh!!! It’s among us to keep. 🙂

From the moment I saw Yuti, I really wanted to give it to Ching ching. Yuti and I are very much alike. Her eyes look like she’s about to cry, just like me, my ching ching’s drama princess! On the other hand, Yuti may also have a joyful yet naughty, stubborn and teasing look inherited from the cheezy couple.

Yuti was my 2009 Christmas present to him. Yuti serves as a guardian or nurse for my Ching ching while I’m not around. When I got hospitalized on April, 2009, Ching ching came to visit me and gave Yuti to be my nurse. I got hospitalized because of UTI, thus, the origin of yUTI’s name. Haha! 🙂 He also gave me a Get well soon CD with message on it and lots of relevant movies that we can relate.


By the time I felt so well, I sent her back to him as I crowned her with my patient’s name tag.

Nurse Yuti and the Get well soon CD

Meanwhile, come my 2010 Singapore trip, he also gave it back to me to guide me during my trip. Wow, Yuti invades Singapore!


Universal Studios' Sci Fi City

Today, Yuti is with Ching ching and she has friend/s already. Sooner or later, I’ll be calling them: “Yuti and friends!” Haha! 🙂

(33) A Healthy Replica

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When Ching ching got sick, he had this replica of … whoever replica this may be.  🙂 Replica was assembled on his office desk early morning. 

Healthy Replica

Replica is made of the following:
Medicines for the head-dress – for him to get really well!

Oranges for the eyes and right leg – because he had colds.

Chico for the nose and left leg – for his relief and enjoyment.

Banana for the  smiling mouth – with lots of vitamins that could really help him get better.

Yakult for the hands, an energy drink – for the kid side of him.

Goolai’s wheat chicken and vegetable sandwich for the body – for his lunch and for him to be healthy.

Kit Kat trademark for the body dress – for sweet messages and for him to have a break, have a Kat Kat! 🙂

To top them all, Replica came with the great assembler/delivery girl, none other than- his Biskwett! With these, I am very sure that he got really well, yet he wanted to get sick again to have more of these, should I say… more of us! Haha! Kidding! 🙂

(32) Serenitea-se

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Just to give you a little history, Ching ching and I are not coffee drinkers, but we’re milk tea lovers!

It has also been my everyday morning drink in China. I even wanted to bring home a box of their milk tea but it’s expiration date won’t allow me. I have been searching for the same milk tea here that I even went to Chinatown but still, I couldn’t find it or something as great and addictive as my China Milk Tea.

Not until Ching ching introduced Serenitea.


They have variety of yummy milk tea, taro and fruity yakult! You can also choose from different sinkers to top or should I say to rest at the bottom of your tea. We initially planned to try every milk tea that they have yet it’s so many! Good luck to us! haha! Also, they have the very enticing spicy powdered chicken chops. The chicken chops come with crunchy and healthy leaves! You read it right, the leaves are CRUNCHY!

Menu (Click to enlarge)

Apart from the great food and drinks they serve, they really have a mood-set towards a relaxing feel of their ambiance and a wifi zone too!

relaxing ambiance

You’ll really feel so comfortable like how the cheezy couple are always comfortable not only with one another but with the overall impact of Serenitea to us. We were so comfortable that we had camwhore serenitea-se photoshoot!


They do have a loyalty card, once you’ve completed all the stickers, you’ll have a free tea of your choice.

Serenitea is located in Little Baguio, San Juan; Aguirre Ave, BF Homes; N. Roxas St. Banawe, W.C.; Cinema Lobby, Alabang Town Center and at Robinsons Manila.

    We just had our 2nd monthsary last 11-28-2010 and it feels like we’ve been together for 2 years! Unofficially, I may say yes, we’ve been together for 2 years! 🙂 It is just right to celebrate our monthsary in our favorite restaurant, Buffalo’s Wings n’ Things where we are truly not just avid fans but lovers! Apart from having superb food, they have witnessed the creation of the cheezy couple! Click on this link to know how BWn’T has been a great part of our cheezy love life >>> US + BWn’T = Perfect Match.As we are about to post our picture for the wall of flame in HD, to our surprise, our remarkable and memorable “No Matter How Far, Love Conquers All with BWn’T” picture was already posted! Great great! We have also seen a lot of the getting buffaloed moments of our friends and family there!

    Wall of Flame - Ours is the last picture in the 2nd row

    Our entries

    "Love Conquers All" picture in their wall!

    BWn’T never fails to satisfy and give us more!


    Moving on, Ching and I have pre-agreed to have a monthsary gift theme. For our second monthsary, our theme was “something fruity” and since it was halloween, we added “something scary”.
    And here are the gifts I got:
    Coconut water and Pineapple bottled perfume (something fruity)

    Scary spider and I think it’s a pumpkin soap! (something scary)

    – so sweet! I love sweets that’s why I love him! ♥

    Since Ching ching and I have been so addicted with Plants vs. Zombies, I gave him the sculpted PVZ characters.

    Plants vs. Zombies

    Sunflower – the first sun-producer plant.
    I’ll always be his sunshine all the time and all-year round!

    Repeater – the first advanced pea-shooting plant; twice as fast as the Pea shooter.  Basically, I want to be his great defender, I didn’t start with Pea shooter as it’s better to have something twice as fast and advanced defense in taking care of my Ching ching. Also, if loving him is a course, then I would love to repeat loving him over and over again! *cheezy! ♥

    Zombie –  the only enemy in Plants vs. Zombies. Reanimated dead and mindless creatures; decaying corpses with a hunger for human brains (something scary). BRAINSSSSS!!!! I hope Ching ching won’t have sleepless nights and zombie look anymore  as he plays PVZ ’til dawn. Now, he can play with them all day long!

    I love him!

    Cherry bomb – the first explosive plant the player gets (something fruity).

    “I wanna explode,” says Cherry #1. “No, let’s detonate instead!” says his brother, Cherry #2. After intense consultation they agree to explodonate.

    We’re the cherry bomb!!! We just have lots of things in common with them. We’re a great cheezy couple, a great tandem in everything! That’s how we look like whenever we’re playing the inis-inis mode or even if we’re seriously on that mode. A cheezy couple never give up! If one loves the other, a love will be given in return. If a handful tease is given, surely the other will also get what he deserves. If a juice is accidentally spilled, you’ll have your spilling juice in a while too! 🙂 That’s how we just love each other! Though we might have alone moments when we’re together (alone but we’re together. haha! What I mean is, we just don’t talk for a minute), but after several minutes or the next day, we’ll surely be the sweetest and cheeziest couple again, ready for our next cheezy match! ♥

    even if he gives me to sadako...

    or I make ganti...


    Stay tuned for more of our cheezy updates! Our 3rd monthsary theme would be “something about pets” as suggested by his younger sister. We’ll gather our succeeding monthsary theme from family and friends, because we want you to be part of our cheezy celebration!

(30) Show Me Your Love

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For San Marino’s Show Me Your Love contest, we need  to pass a video that depicts love with San Marino Tuna Paella product in the video. I’m a bit shy to upload the video, thus I’ll just show you the some of the film strips of our cheeziness. Oh well, you’ll laugh so hard if you’ll see the actual video! 🙂

some clips

Show Me Your Love

We were able to join on the last week of their contest duration, hence a lot of people have passed their entries already. We realized that it pays to pass an entry early because there are a few contenders yet. I’m really a bad actress in the video! Haha! What I liked though was having fun and of course, eating the yummy San Marino Tuna Paella!

Actually, this part was my favorite, the “hug-hug” part, so true, so natural, so cheezy, so US! 🙂