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2010 was definitely a fruitful year for us and for yesssitsus!!!

Aside from all the freebies and “major-major” winnings that we got, it was also the year when we launched our All About US online diary,

Yesssitsus had its first write-up on September 5, 2010 and we garnered about 1553 views by the end of 2010 with a total of 36 write-ups by the end of the year. We just hope we could maintain or improve on its numbers. But we are truly thankful to our readers/followers for supporting our cheezy lovelife. ♥

It was also in 2010 that our careers moved to a better state.

Most of all, the best thing that happened in 2010 apart from our career movements and yesssitsus, is actually YESSSITSUS! Yes, it is indeed us! Who could forget 08-28-2010 when we officially admitted to the public that yes, it’s us! 🙂

Ching ching may not be my ideal guy (neither am I his) but do I need to ask for more if I have been blessed with someone better, someone who’s real, my true love, living in a material world, or should I say… living not just in fairy tales but in a real world!

D' Best of 2010

Therefore, I must conclude that Ching ching + Biskwett = Happiness!!! 🙂

Biskwett ♥ Ching ching

Who amongst you have found your true love? ♥

Here comes another major winnings for us! Weeehh!! Last November – December 2010, pH Care had their Cool Dare Contest and the mechanics was to submit a photo of yourself depicting their DARE OF THE WEEK. The criteria are as follows:

ph Care Cool Wind Criteria

I’m one of the lucky winners of Week 4 Cool Dare: “Marilyn Monroe Ala Cool” 

Week 4 Cool Dare

Here’s a little trivia about our winning entry. We actually shot this in Bohol Beach Club shoreline. (It’s part of our level-up strategy that we go out-of-town for our shooting. Haha! Just kidding!) It’s only timing that we were out-of-town during the contest duration.  Thank you so much to ph Care and to Ching ching for staying up all night before we leave to Bohol just to create our props for the photoshoot.

Marilyn Monroe Ala Cool

And just like that, we now have ***Trina*** she’s a brand new Nokia C3.  And since I already have Achie, our previous deal was to give Trisha wholeheartedly to Ching ching. However, even before I was declared as one of the winners, my Nokia E52 broke down and according to Nokia Care, it’s  “beyond economical repair.” But since we already made a deal, his old phone will be handed over to me.

But because Ching ching truly loves me, he asked her little sister to join the week 6 cool dare which is “My Cool Shirt – WEAR the coolest SHIRT that YOU HAVE “CREATED/MADE” to the “MALL” as statement of your individuality.” After several votes, her little sister or should I say Ching ching won this time! Tada!! I don’t need to use Ching ching’s current phone because  he got ***Trisha*** already. Weeehh!! I have a wifi phone again. 🙂 Thank you so much Ching ching and little sister!

By the way, the cool dare really matches his younger sister’s hobby and that is to “salvage” clothes and make them trendy and upbeat. So now, your cheezy couple have these hot pink Nokia C3, namely Trisha and Trina.

Trisha and Trina

Thank you so much to pH Care! You are so cool! 🙂

In 2010, major winnings were achieved by your cheezy couple. Among all the winnings we had, these were the “major-major” ones.


Last November, we joined Nescafe Coffee Buzz. The mechanics is to submit a discussion topic, that’s it! And the criteria were as follows:

Creativity – innovative, imaginative and out-of-the box topic = 40%
Discussability – people can easily relate with and respond to the topic = 40%
NESCAFE essence – able to bring out inspiring and positive responses = 20%

My winning topic?

Nescafe Buzz Discussion Topic

I just remembered the time I submitted my entry – I just got up from bed, bullied my younger siblings in letting me check the winners for Nescafe Buzz round 1 in facebook, yet we didn’t win. I just saw a trend that all their entries include “Nescafe” that’s why I submitted 5 discussion topics with “Nescafe” in it. Haha! And just like that, we now have “Achie” a 64GB iPod touch 4G, plus lots of Nescafe gift packs from Nestle.

Awarding ceremonies (lol!)

I wasn’t able to claim the prize personally as I was on training that day so I asked my tita and cute nephew to claim the prize on my behalf. 🙂


In the frequent joiner industry (laughs*), one thing that we learned is to “strike while the iron is still warm!” It would be better to join and win when you only have few competitors on the contest yet. Join early, win early before professionals join and win them all! Haha!

While Nescafe joiners were so busy with Nescafe Night Studio 1 where they gave away iPad and iPhone 4 but it’s more on number of likes/votation scheme. Hence, we opted to join their Nescafe Caramel Machiatto contest which just started during that time.

What were the mechanics? 

Ching ching’s winning entry? 

Fuma-Facebook During Office Hours

The contest is still on but be advised that professional contest joiners are there to conquer the votes! Oh well, lucky for us that we joined early.

Ching ching with his iPod Nano

Creativity led our way in winning! And just 32 votes, later we now have “Nana”, an 8GB iPod Nano 6G.

Don’t we just love Nescafe Philippines and win these fabulous prizes?

Thank you so much Nescafe Philippines!!!

Achie and Nana

Here are some of our Nescafe contest entries that didn’t win but we truly enjoyed shooting!

Nescafe RTD - "Nescafe in a can all around" (with Biskwett's siblings)


Again, we would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to Nescafe Philippines! 🙂

(38) Birthday Madness

Posted: 02/05/2011 in Cheezy updates

I celebrated my birthday last December 15, 2010 and I must say that this was one of my best birthdays ever! I usually celebrate it at home with my family and classmates with my usual “handa” that my friends would love to guess as they have memorized them (e.g. cake, ice cream, spaghetti, rice, chicken, other viands and drinks).

My treasured girl friends

But I’m a big girl now, this time, I celebrated it in your cheesy couple’s favorite restaurant, BWn’T with the special people in my life. Gladly, Ching ching was able to meet them!

We also headed straight to our house and had my first “inuman” celebration.

@ the deck


I don’t drink that’s why I don’t hold an inuman celebration. But due to my friends’ insistent demand, I gave in but I still didn’t drink! How loser of me! Lol! 🙂

Of course, my birthday wouldn’t be complete without the one that I truly love, Ching ching.

with Ching Ching and his birthday present

I can still recall when Jec told me and to anyone else that Marco is my true love and I certainly agree to that!

In 2008, he was with me when the clock stroke at 12 midnight as he gave me a mini cake from starbucks with one candle.

Star bright... star light...

He also gave me a cute purple star plus the two long bars of toblerone which I have consumed so quickly. 🙂

His birthday presents had a note which reads:

“Star bright, star light, the first star I see tonight, wish I may, wish I might, make my wish come true tonight.” I don’t actually believe in falling star but I actually wish for the first star I see every night.


Come 2009, my birthday was the same day we had our ISI batch Christmas lunch, and to my surprise, I was my Ching ching’s monita.

Birthday and Christmas Party celeb with my ISI batchmates (haba*)

Apart from his exchange gift for me, he gave me a baggage number from Landmark which I have to claim immediately. We are always like this in giving cool surprises through a certain form of difficulty.

Excerpt from my 1st online diary:

2009 Birthday Presents

And for last year, I just have to say goodbye to my first office bag since 2007 as I have been using his birthday present! Also, to my surprise, he gave me the biggest siopao turned to be one of my cakes. It was just a junior siopao according to him. It is of the same size with the normal junior cake in Red Ribbon. I love siopao from Kowloon, but this one isn’t from Kowloon and he doesn’t want to reveal where he got it.

Birthday gift

Giant Siopao

Also, I had my iTouch a.k.a. Achie replica with all my favorite games on it! The cake was definitely big and so cute!

Birthday Cake

My Achie replica cake from Ching ching!

Thanks Ching ching for all these sweet surprises! By the way, my birthday was a month long celebration because he had been extremely nice for the whole month of December! 🙂

Actually, having him is more than enough as my best birthday present!

(37) We’re back!!!

Posted: 02/05/2011 in Cheezy updates

Finally, after several monthsssssss, we’re back! On my part, I had a very long holiday vacation while he was so eager to convince me to update our online diary! But it wasn’t just pure holiday hangover and “tamad-tamaran” mode. Mostly, I’ve been so busy with work stuff, tight schedules and other fortuitous events. (I heard Ching ching telling me: “Excuses… excuses… blah blah blah!”) All those events are not yet over, I’ll try my very best to find ways to keep yesssitsus updated, and that would be my New Year’s resolution, or should I say Chinese New Year’s resolution. 🙂 (Nah, Valentine’s day resolution perhaps.)

Don’t be bothered if you’ll see outdated posts as they are still worth posting!

As we’re now in a whole new year of Metal Rabbit (it’s almost Valentine’s season perhaps), we definitely want to say thank you for having a wonderful 2010. It has been a fruitful year for us. Major and favorable events happened, along with the major prizes that we won.

The focus was on the second semester of 2010 when we won a lot of movie premiere nights or regular showing tickets, concert passes, free dinner and lunch dates, mall GC’s and other promotional loot bags; and of course, our “major-major” prizes on which I’ll share in the next blog posts.”

Here are some of our free movie dates courtesy of Sky Cable, Club Zed, SM Cinema, Fotoloco, Thunderbird Resorts and Nuffnang. Some of them were in the previous blogs already.

  • Alice in Wonderland – from Sky Cable, courtesy of my sister.
  • You Again – Requirement? Just our before and after photos.

Before and After

  • Let Me In – from Fotoloco’s Fun o’clock trivia. This is still on going. Every 4:00PM. they usually have a movie trivia or a dare.
  • Social Network – from Nuffnang where in we blogged about MY PLDT DSL.
  • Petrang  Kabayo – we just subscribed to Zed, and tada… movie passes!
  • Megamind – twitter raffle from Thunderbird Resorts.
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Top scorers in Zed’s facebook application game as well as those who subscribed during the promo won premiere tickets. Club Zed is so generous that I brought almost my whole family in the movie theatre.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Premiere

Ching ching won movie tickets for our movie dates!

We're the Ate and Kuya


  • Narnia 3, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader – we just had to repost the Narnia 3 poster in their wall and promote to our friends.

Narnia Premiere

  • Another Premiere Night from Zed




  • My Amnesia Girl – from Zed
  • Tron Legacy  – Requirement? Post a picture of yourself wearing a Tron Legacy costume. Good thing, one of my cheering costumes way back in first year college fits the requirement and I still have photos wearing it (which I wouldn’t want to post here. Haha! )
  • Twilight Saga: Eclipse – another repost drill from Zed.
  • Two Funerals – raffle in the wall comments of SM Cinema.
  • Despicable Me – I counted the minions in their poster! All correct answers went through a raffle as well.
  • Eat Pray Love – from Sky Cable courtesy of my sister.
  • Easy A – wall comments raffle by Sm Cinema.
  • Legend of the Guardians (The Owls of Gahoole) – poster repost again from Zed.

2010 Free Movies

Wow, we felt that we’re so in, so up-to-date because we were able to watch these films for free. More movie dates this year and hopefully, they are still for free! Haha! 🙂