(40) “Major-Major” – ph Care Cool Wind

Posted: 02/17/2011 in Cheezy updates

Here comes another major winnings for us! Weeehh!! Last November – December 2010, pH Care had their Cool Dare Contest and the mechanics was to submit a photo of yourself depicting their DARE OF THE WEEK. The criteria are as follows:

ph Care Cool Wind Criteria

I’m one of the lucky winners of Week 4 Cool Dare: “Marilyn Monroe Ala Cool” 

Week 4 Cool Dare

Here’s a little trivia about our winning entry. We actually shot this in Bohol Beach Club shoreline. (It’s part of our level-up strategy that we go out-of-town for our shooting. Haha! Just kidding!) It’s only timing that we were out-of-town during the contest duration.  Thank you so much to ph Care and to Ching ching for staying up all night before we leave to Bohol just to create our props for the photoshoot.

Marilyn Monroe Ala Cool

And just like that, we now have ***Trina*** she’s a brand new Nokia C3.  And since I already have Achie, our previous deal was to give Trisha wholeheartedly to Ching ching. However, even before I was declared as one of the winners, my Nokia E52 broke down and according to Nokia Care, it’s  “beyond economical repair.” But since we already made a deal, his old phone will be handed over to me.

But because Ching ching truly loves me, he asked her little sister to join the week 6 cool dare which is “My Cool Shirt – WEAR the coolest SHIRT that YOU HAVE “CREATED/MADE” to the “MALL” as statement of your individuality.” After several votes, her little sister or should I say Ching ching won this time! Tada!! I don’t need to use Ching ching’s current phone because  he got ***Trisha*** already. Weeehh!! I have a wifi phone again. 🙂 Thank you so much Ching ching and little sister!

By the way, the cool dare really matches his younger sister’s hobby and that is to “salvage” clothes and make them trendy and upbeat. So now, your cheezy couple have these hot pink Nokia C3, namely Trisha and Trina.

Trisha and Trina

Thank you so much to pH Care! You are so cool! 🙂


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