(39) “Major-Major” – Nescafe Philippines

Posted: 02/16/2011 in Cheezy updates

In 2010, major winnings were achieved by your cheezy couple. Among all the winnings we had, these were the “major-major” ones.


Last November, we joined Nescafe Coffee Buzz. The mechanics is to submit a discussion topic, that’s it! And the criteria were as follows:

Creativity – innovative, imaginative and out-of-the box topic = 40%
Discussability – people can easily relate with and respond to the topic = 40%
NESCAFE essence – able to bring out inspiring and positive responses = 20%

My winning topic?

Nescafe Buzz Discussion Topic

I just remembered the time I submitted my entry – I just got up from bed, bullied my younger siblings in letting me check the winners for Nescafe Buzz round 1 in facebook, yet we didn’t win. I just saw a trend that all their entries include “Nescafe” that’s why I submitted 5 discussion topics with “Nescafe” in it. Haha! And just like that, we now have “Achie” a 64GB iPod touch 4G, plus lots of Nescafe gift packs from Nestle.

Awarding ceremonies (lol!)

I wasn’t able to claim the prize personally as I was on training that day so I asked my tita and cute nephew to claim the prize on my behalf. 🙂


In the frequent joiner industry (laughs*), one thing that we learned is to “strike while the iron is still warm!” It would be better to join and win when you only have few competitors on the contest yet. Join early, win early before professionals join and win them all! Haha!

While Nescafe joiners were so busy with Nescafe Night Studio 1 where they gave away iPad and iPhone 4 but it’s more on number of likes/votation scheme. Hence, we opted to join their Nescafe Caramel Machiatto contest which just started during that time.

What were the mechanics? 

Ching ching’s winning entry? 

Fuma-Facebook During Office Hours

The contest is still on but be advised that professional contest joiners are there to conquer the votes! Oh well, lucky for us that we joined early.

Ching ching with his iPod Nano

Creativity led our way in winning! And just 32 votes, later we now have “Nana”, an 8GB iPod Nano 6G.

Don’t we just love Nescafe Philippines and win these fabulous prizes?

Thank you so much Nescafe Philippines!!!

Achie and Nana

Here are some of our Nescafe contest entries that didn’t win but we truly enjoyed shooting!

Nescafe RTD - "Nescafe in a can all around" (with Biskwett's siblings)


Again, we would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to Nescafe Philippines! 🙂

  1. Jeff says:

    Wow congrats!! can’t wait to meet achie and nana..=D

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