(38) Birthday Madness

Posted: 02/05/2011 in Cheezy updates

I celebrated my birthday last December 15, 2010 and I must say that this was one of my best birthdays ever! I usually celebrate it at home with my family and classmates with my usual “handa” that my friends would love to guess as they have memorized them (e.g. cake, ice cream, spaghetti, rice, chicken, other viands and drinks).

My treasured girl friends

But I’m a big girl now, this time, I celebrated it in your cheesy couple’s favorite restaurant, BWn’T with the special people in my life. Gladly, Ching ching was able to meet them!

We also headed straight to our house and had my first “inuman” celebration.

@ the deck


I don’t drink that’s why I don’t hold an inuman celebration. But due to my friends’ insistent demand, I gave in but I still didn’t drink! How loser of me! Lol! 🙂

Of course, my birthday wouldn’t be complete without the one that I truly love, Ching ching.

with Ching Ching and his birthday present

I can still recall when Jec told me and to anyone else that Marco is my true love and I certainly agree to that!

In 2008, he was with me when the clock stroke at 12 midnight as he gave me a mini cake from starbucks with one candle.

Star bright... star light...

He also gave me a cute purple star plus the two long bars of toblerone which I have consumed so quickly. 🙂

His birthday presents had a note which reads:

“Star bright, star light, the first star I see tonight, wish I may, wish I might, make my wish come true tonight.” I don’t actually believe in falling star but I actually wish for the first star I see every night.


Come 2009, my birthday was the same day we had our ISI batch Christmas lunch, and to my surprise, I was my Ching ching’s monita.

Birthday and Christmas Party celeb with my ISI batchmates (haba*)

Apart from his exchange gift for me, he gave me a baggage number from Landmark which I have to claim immediately. We are always like this in giving cool surprises through a certain form of difficulty.

Excerpt from my 1st online diary:

2009 Birthday Presents

And for last year, I just have to say goodbye to my first office bag since 2007 as I have been using his birthday present! Also, to my surprise, he gave me the biggest siopao turned to be one of my cakes. It was just a junior siopao according to him. It is of the same size with the normal junior cake in Red Ribbon. I love siopao from Kowloon, but this one isn’t from Kowloon and he doesn’t want to reveal where he got it.

Birthday gift

Giant Siopao

Also, I had my iTouch a.k.a. Achie replica with all my favorite games on it! The cake was definitely big and so cute!

Birthday Cake

My Achie replica cake from Ching ching!

Thanks Ching ching for all these sweet surprises! By the way, my birthday was a month long celebration because he had been extremely nice for the whole month of December! 🙂

Actually, having him is more than enough as my best birthday present!

  1. Marco surely is your TRUE Love. 🙂

    Happy for you Kat. You’re also one of my treasured friends. I may not see you always like before, pero i’m still here. haha (kahit mejo indianera pa din)


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