(36) Post 3rd Monthsary Celebration (Part 2)

Posted: 12/14/2010 in Cheezy updates

Monthsary Theme Gift Giving Day

 We scheduled an after office date to celebrate our post monthsary / gift giving day. It was held in Ayala Triangle where we enjoyed the Christmas decoration and lights all over the trees, or should I say… all over the place!

Peace on Earth

Christmas Time!


For our post monthsary dinner date, we decided to eat at Banapple. We had Penne Bolognese Pasta, Dark Chocolate Shake and Super Caramel Fudge Cake for dessert.

Penne Bolognese Pasta

Dark Chocolate Shake

Super Caramel Fudge Cake






Finally, the gift giving event! I got the curtain like shoes plus a sleeping cat notepad (Pinilit ang pet/animal theme. Haha!). Sleeping cat notepad which somehow describes me being a sleeping kat! 🙂

Good thing, the shoes fits me and my younger sister likes it and she has been looking for that curtain-shoes for months already. Just a little trivia, on my first time to use the shoes, it rained that’s why I didn’t wear it. It was also the same day that I got hospitalized and after I got home and I was really okay, I still managed to went out with him wearing the shoes that he gave!

Sleeping Kat and Curtain Shoes

Cow-Mug and friends! Harhar!

While Ching ching got a cow-mug (I actually didn’t follow the theme too, cow isn’t a pet – according to Ching ching but what if I wanted to have a cow as a pet? Haha! And it’s an animal, thus it’s still considered! Haha!). I also gave him the 4 gig flash drive as replacement for his 512mb flash drive that I lost and I handed over to him the Despicable Me shirt, bookmark and stickers that we received from SM.

Another joyful and superb night for us! ^__^


Post Monthsary Date

What’s the next theme for our 4th monthsary? Since it’s going to be December and it will be Christmas time and New Year’s Eve, we decided to postpone our theme gifts as we’ll be having a 3-in-1 gift on our 4th monthsary.

Monthsary gift theme will resume on our 5th month. Stay tuned!


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