(34) Featuring: “Yuti”

Posted: 11/30/2010 in Cheezy updates

From the moment I saw Yuti, I really wanted to give it to Ching ching. Yuti and I are very much alike. Her eyes look like she’s about to cry, just like me, my ching ching’s drama princess! On the other hand, Yuti may also have a joyful yet naughty, stubborn and teasing look inherited from the cheezy couple.

Yuti was my 2009 Christmas present to him. Yuti serves as a guardian or nurse for my Ching ching while I’m not around. When I got hospitalized on April, 2009, Ching ching came to visit me and gave Yuti to be my nurse. I got hospitalized because of UTI, thus, the origin of yUTI’s name. Haha! 🙂 He also gave me a Get well soon CD with message on it and lots of relevant movies that we can relate.


By the time I felt so well, I sent her back to him as I crowned her with my patient’s name tag.

Nurse Yuti and the Get well soon CD

Meanwhile, come my 2010 Singapore trip, he also gave it back to me to guide me during my trip. Wow, Yuti invades Singapore!


Universal Studios' Sci Fi City

Today, Yuti is with Ching ching and she has friend/s already. Sooner or later, I’ll be calling them: “Yuti and friends!” Haha! 🙂


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