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Posted: 11/24/2010 in Uncategorized

Just to give you a little history, Ching ching and I are not coffee drinkers, but we’re milk tea lovers!

It has also been my everyday morning drink in China. I even wanted to bring home a box of their milk tea but it’s expiration date won’t allow me. I have been searching for the same milk tea here that I even went to Chinatown but still, I couldn’t find it or something as great and addictive as my China Milk Tea.

Not until Ching ching introduced Serenitea.


They have variety of yummy milk tea, taro and fruity yakult! You can also choose from different sinkers to top or should I say to rest at the bottom of your tea. We initially planned to try every milk tea that they have yet it’s so many! Good luck to us! haha! Also, they have the very enticing spicy powdered chicken chops. The chicken chops come with crunchy and healthy leaves! You read it right, the leaves are CRUNCHY!

Menu (Click to enlarge)

Apart from the great food and drinks they serve, they really have a mood-set towards a relaxing feel of their ambiance and a wifi zone too!

relaxing ambiance

You’ll really feel so comfortable like how the cheezy couple are always comfortable not only with one another but with the overall impact of Serenitea to us. We were so comfortable that we had camwhore serenitea-se photoshoot!


They do have a loyalty card, once you’ve completed all the stickers, you’ll have a free tea of your choice.

Serenitea is located in Little Baguio, San Juan; Aguirre Ave, BF Homes; N. Roxas St. Banawe, W.C.; Cinema Lobby, Alabang Town Center and at Robinsons Manila.


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