(30) Show Me Your Love

Posted: 11/02/2010 in Cheezy updates

For San Marino’s Show Me Your Love contest, we need  to pass a video that depicts love with San Marino Tuna Paella product in the video. I’m a bit shy to upload the video, thus I’ll just show you the some of the film strips of our cheeziness. Oh well, you’ll laugh so hard if you’ll see the actual video! 🙂

some clips

Show Me Your Love

We were able to join on the last week of their contest duration, hence a lot of people have passed their entries already. We realized that it pays to pass an entry early because there are a few contenders yet. I’m really a bad actress in the video! Haha! What I liked though was having fun and of course, eating the yummy San Marino Tuna Paella!

Actually, this part was my favorite, the “hug-hug” part, so true, so natural, so cheezy, so US! 🙂

  1. son son says:

    tuna paella! 😀

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