(28) Oishi Photoshoot

Posted: 10/28/2010 in Cheezy updates

The Oishi Gourmet Picks contest was among the pioneer contests that we joined before.

Osihi Gourmet Picks

We need  to take a pictures that adhere to their theme of the week, with the different flavors of Oishi Gourmet Picks in the background.

Here are some of our entries:

A Tokyo Love Story

This was taken in Little Tokyo for a Japanese background effect.

For an Angel and devil scene:

Heaven Goodness

For a Korean feel, we had our photoshoot in Ayala Triangle.

Our Endless Kimchi Love

This was our controversial entry, making me as the “Famous Oishi Girl’! 🙂 Should I be glad about this? Hmmm…??!! There was a bug in their voting system for getting the most number of votes. It should only be one vote per email per day. But there were times that multiple votes were allowed. Thus, there were times that we and our supporters may have voted multiple times that we had the most number of votes. I must say, put the blame on all of us, as all of us had our bugs. Good thing, this was fixed already and it’s alright that we didn’t win, there might be someone who’s more deserving than us.

We didn’t win but we got lots of bonding time and we were able to taste all their three variants!

Silly us to have all these , but as they say, “but wait, there’s more!!! As in more!!!” Just watch out for our cool and silly gimmicks soon! 🙂


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