(25) Thank You Messages

Posted: 10/21/2010 in Uncategorized

I recently discovered about the site of the first ever online Thank You Museum.


Thank You Museum

Together with the ‘thank you’ chocolate, Toblerone, they are in the petition of making October 20 as the

“National Thank You Day of the Philippines!”

I just signed in and casted my petition with the privilege of expressing my gratitude as well!

I was so excited to tell Ching ching about my gratitude note to him. And to my surprise, when I refreshed the page, I just saw his note too! Haha! We just casted our petitions and wrote our thank you messages for each other all at the same time! Cool and sweet!

Thank You Messages

I just have countless things to thank Ching ching. To sum them all, I am very thankful to him for loving me happily, faithfully and endlessly. I would also want to commend his understanding and great patience with all my tantrums and episodes. Especially his patience in waiting for me for almost 2 hours whenever we have weekdates at night since my work shift is 2 hours later than his.

With these, I would really have to say I love him super big time! ♥

Sign up now to cast your petitions and thank you messages too!


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