(24) Sweet Pea

Posted: 10/17/2010 in Cheezy updates

One Friday night, we were fascinated with McKinley’s  Sweet Sensation ad which caters lots of sweets. We thought it’s like Banchetto, unfortunately, it’s not! They only have few concessioner. Hence, we decided to just stroll around and have our dinner at Sweet Pea.

Sweet Pea

A Chef's Kitchen







For a truly American comfort food, we ordered Baby Back Barbecue Ribs for a just price. Normally, restaurants would serve it in a big plate for sharing but in Sweet Pea, you can have the option to split it for a perfect dinner for two. We even partnered it with Strawberry and Peanut Butter Milkshake! Yummy!

Baby Back Ribs

Strawberry and Peanut Butter Milk Shake


The heart figure in their straw is so cute! I love it! It really suits your cheezy couple. 🙂

Cheezy couple


Meanwhile, we also saw these signs on their wall:

You are my sunshine

I just remembered when I used to sing “Because of you – 98 degrees” as it has thise line: “You’re my sunshine after the rain…” Indeed, I will always be his sunshine no matter what weather it would be. And the cupcakes just reminded me of our cheezy moments, when we used to play with its icing and put it on each other’s face. It started over ketchup in Mcdo and progressed into cupcake icing! lol! 🙂


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