(23) US + BWn’T = Perfect Match

Posted: 10/15/2010 in Cheezy updates

Buffalo’s Wings n’ Things has been a great part of our cheezy love life. ♥

Our Buffalo-Cartoon Fan Art

Ching ching and I are fond of trying new things especially when it comes to food. And BWn’T is one great restaurant that we would surely try over and over again.

We had one of our first dates in their Greenhills branch (which is now relocating in Makati, but they’ll open another GH branch in the near future). It was the time when we were not yet officially in a relationship. It was also my second time to drink as I had their slushee of the day, their chilled crushed Lychee which is tolerable for a non-drinker like me.

US + BWn'T = Perfect Match

From the first time we got to try their wings, we truly fell in love with their food as much as how I fell in love with him. BWn’T just mean so much to us as they have been there from our dating stage until now that we are ‘us ‘ officially and happily. ♥


They do have the yummiest food ever that you’ll surely crave for more and more getting buffaloed moments!!! Loaded indeed! What sets them apart is being loaded with variety of hotness level of signature buffalo wings sauces! You can dare to choose from:

Signature Sauces

Honey Barbecue

Garlic Parmesan


Buffalo Chicken Burger (Mini)

Later on, he discovered about the Buffalo’s Wings n’ Things facebook contests and we got so hooked-up in joining their spanking facebook contests! Below are some of the entries and winnings we got from BWn’T:

Comments for BWn’T to become better

We’re used to make comments and suggestions to make our favorite resto better. We have almost flooded them with witty suggestions! Apart from this, Ching ching and I wrote more than 10 suggestions for their betterment even if there’s no contest! One thing that I acquired from being an economist is being fond of answering surveys, since surveys are very important in statistics (my favorite) of industry/market studies. Also, I might have learned a lot from my marketing class. 🙂

Another winning entry is our t-shirt design. Ching ching loves to design shirts!

T-Shirt designs

And the challenging but fun to do contest that we survived was:


It really pays to be a BWn’T and photo addict. We won’t be able to conquer all their branches if I am just bluffing about how great their food is!

No matter how far, love conquers all with BWn'T

We just conquered their Greenhills, Ortigas HD, and BF branches! Ortigas and BF are in both different ends. Good thing he’s from the South and I live near Greenhills. Indeed, NO MATTER HOW FAR, LOVE CONQUERS ALL! Also, it signifies that not only we are certified lovers, but we are also avid lovers of BWn’T. 🙂

We even got our own I ♥  BWn’T card, a privilege card with lots and lots of perks to enjoy!

But our quest didn’t stop from there! We got others buffaloed too! The most effective way of marketing is  by word of mouth! We want our family and friends to get BUFFALOED too, so what we did was to treat them first then encourge them to join their weekly contest via FB. Suggesting BWn’T to our family and friends surely didn’t and won’t let us down!  It is evidently fulfilling as you can see in our entry below.

We got others buffaloed too!

Quoting BWn’T:

I must say, he is definitely the best!!! Not only does he have mad skills, he is just everything that I wanted, being the best boyfriend in town!

I am neither a food blogger nor a critic, thus I cannot perfectly describe in detail how delicious and mouth-watering their food is. What I can only tell you is  that BWn’T is truly exceptional that you’ll surely fall in love at your first time. You won’t experience the law of diminishing marginal utility, or in layman’s term: it won’t lessen the satisfaction that you will get once you  get BUFFALOED!

Buffalo's Wings n' Things

Visit their branches and get buffaloed now! Like their Buffalo’s Wings n’ Things facebook too for more exciting contests and prizes! Don’t you just love to get a prize that you really love? For me, it’s truly a win-win situation at BWn’T as I get so addicted as I munch on my favorite buffalo wings with the one I definitely and truly love, Buffalo’s Wings n’ Things! Oops, or should I say with Ching ching, that I crave for more and more and more! 🙂


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