(22) Good Times

Posted: 10/08/2010 in Cheezy updates

Ching ching and I have been having a lot of good times together. Couple of months ago, in one of our weekend getaways, we decided to visit Magic 89.9’s office in Boni to get some pictures with the Good Times gang: Mo Twister, Mojo, Grace Lee and Angelica a.k.a. Angelicopter.

Good Times

I don’t actually listen to them or to any other stations. It isn’t just my habit and I’d rather listen to modern music than to a conversational yet entertaining as they might seem it to be. However, Ching ching is an avid listener and he has been encouraging me to listen as well.

Quoting Ching ching:
On his way to work, Ching ching usually listens to Good Times every Mon – Thurs from 6:00AM – 9:00AM. Aside from this, they also have Sex Advice with Grace Lee on Tuesdays and Industry Secret on Thursdays. The latter tackles about some hidden facts about the different industries which is not known by the public. Just like the lesson of being nice to restaurant crews as they might “and sometimes they do” put something on our food behind our back. As well as the details they get from sometimes snooping in a mobile conversation.

I may say… these things are somehow interesting and worthwhile of our time. Their time in my case.  🙂

Meanwhile, it was actually my second time to go there, my first  time was before the May 2010 elections where they gave away this cute 5-10-10 election shirts.


I grabbed one for my Ching ching who really wanted to have this shirt. Of course, I have mine as well!

  1. jan panget says:

    hey kat.please post some pics of chopper. im curios how she looks like.

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