(21) Attraversiamo

Posted: 10/07/2010 in Cheezy updates

Yesterday, Ching ching and I, together with my former office mates, Ate Khryz (I still don’t know why she spells her nickname that way! Artikles! lol. 🙂  ) and Ate Nida watched the premiere showing of the famous book turned into a much awaited film , Eat Pray Love.

I don’t actually read any novel-like books. It isn’t just my habit to read thus, I never knew that this film is really a much awaited one. Not until I saw how Glorietta cinema was jam-packed! Thanks to my sister and Sky Cable for this free premiere tickets!


Trivia: I told him that we’ll not have our Tuesdate to give way for my Wednesdate treat. When asked what’s my surprise treat. I told him this: “Kakain tayo; magdadasal tayo; magmamahalan tayo!” 🙂 He couldn’t guess it and he’ll kill me if I’ll tell you his guess! haha! Not so long enough, he got it!!! We’ll watch EAT PRAY LOVE!

EAT. Ching ching and I just love to eat! We’re used to try new things, new places, new food! It’s just so yummy to be with him and discover new and wonderful things. ♥ 

EAT ^__^

PRAY. Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it! I actually got it! I now have him! ♥ I pray so hard for His guidance in our relationship and for us to last for the longest time through good times or bad times. And for us to live happily ever after.


LOVE. Evidently, we just love each other so much that together we enjoy to Eat, Pray and Love! Include the many more things that we enjoy doing together. Our love just endures and strengthens both of us for a better and happier tomorrow. With him, I can confidently say, “Attraversiamo.” ♥ 

I Love You So Mooooch!


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