(17) Not a Gleek, But I’m Lovin’ Him

Posted: 09/30/2010 in Cheezy updates

Glee Season 2 commenced last 09-22-10 and I got free tickets again for its big screen premiere at Glorietta 4 sponsored by KFC as they promote their new product, Shakin’ Shots.  

Glee Season 2 Premiere

Lots of food and drinks were served in the event. Too bad, the entrance guard confiscated my camera.  😦 Before the screening, they also had raffle and the Shakin’ Shots game. We were not lucky enough to be picked in the raffle that’s why we decided to join the game. Just for fun, for experience, we tried it! We didn’t know what are we going to do but from the moment the emcee uttered these words: “inspired by the Shakin’ Shots commercial…” 

It was really an OMG moment for us that I thought of going back to my seat but I didn’t! We had to dance with the Shakin’ Shots box and shake all the way until the song stops. A lot of people and KFC staff took pictures and video as well. Just a thought it my mind: “It would be fine since no one knows us.” 🙂 However, no one knows us yet the winner was determined by the applause received from the viewers. 😦 

Many of our contenders brought lots of friends with them but the support was concentrated on a particular area. To my surprise, my Ching ching, who effortly and joyfully danced and shaked  all the way for the prize gained the unanimous applause from everyone, as in from everyone!  

Shakin' Shots Dancer

Thanks for the viewers who really appreciated the funny moves of my ching ching. We all got KFC GCs and Glee shirts while he got the Glee soundtrack on top of our consolation prizes.  


He was even asked to have his solo dance and shakin shots to the groove of a Beyonce song. Bravo to my Ching ching for his great courage and moves!!! Clap! Clap! Clap! 🙂 

It was really a fun Wednesnight despite the confiscation of my camera by the  cinema guard in the entrance.


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