(18) Monthsary Breakfast

Posted: 09/30/2010 in Cheezy updates

Few days before our monthsary, I don’t have plans yet. It has been my nature to plan month/s ahead or one or two days ahead, cramming! My initial plan didn’t work out, good thing I always have alternatives!

It seemed that everything didn’t favor my plans. From the night someone forgot to get me the materials I need; I woke up late; and the stop entry in the MRT. But still, I insisted to drop by in his cube despite being late (luckily, I wasn’t!).

I asked him to meet me somewhere (but I won’t be there) for me to have time to assemble my little surprise. Unfortunately, as I got inside his office, we bumped to each other that I couldn’t do anything to drive him away. What I just did is to ask him for a cold milo so he’ll be away from his cube for 5 seconds to get some water. And presto, I have just served the cup of his favorite Biskwett potion with a note on it. (Looks familiar!)

cup of his favorite biskwett potion

And yet, I wasn’t able to assemble the food for their formation. It seemed that I was playing “bahay-bahayan” with all the cups and plates that I brought.

Monthsary Breakfast

I wish I woke up early for the morning presentation of his breakfast. Anyway, we still enjoyed our monthsary breakfast together.


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