(8) PEDA (Public Email Display of Affection)

Posted: 09/13/2010 in Cheezy updates

After a week, I have finally launched my ‘All About US’ online diary to the public. I have linked it in my facebook account and I have finally confirmed to my ISI batchmates that: Yes, it’s us!

While having an email thread about the lunch out birthday treat of our batchmate, my annoucement has slightly diverted the topic. (Agaw eksena! lol!) I’m glad that our batchmates are happy for us. They have been expecting this for along time perhaps. 🙂

Cheezy moments come with this announcement thus, coining the acronym PEDA – Public Email Display of Affection, that we should limit in our group email. Haha! Sorry for showing too much PEDA, we’re just too cheezy! 🙂

sample cheezyness

Meanwhile, it isn’t our scheduled date but luckily, I have won the “Two Funerals” movie tickets again from SM Cinema (through my sister’s facebook account). I didn’t know that it is a Cinemalaya movie that’s why I effortly met my sister and got her ID and authorization.

Two Funerals is an award winning cinemalaya film directed by Gil Portes. It is a Filipino black comedy about two bodies switched by the funeral parlor in the midst of holy week and campaign period.

It is the first movie that received a unanimous A rating from the Cinema Evaluation Board. It also received five major Cinemalaya awards: Special Jury Prize, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography and Audience Choice Award.

Two Funerals with Xian Lim

I saw Xian Lim in the premiere night. A lot of girls, gays and maybe guys were so kilig when we saw him. I didn’t expect that he is so cute! 🙂


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