(4) Part 3: Yes, It’s Us – Presscon and Hang-over

Posted: 09/05/2010 in Cheezy updates
Our press conference as a newly binded couple as boyfriend and girlfriend, soon to be husband and wife came after the Christening in Grilla and Starbucks together with Marco’s Angels and D’mons friends. We received lots of questions and shared a lot of cheezy stories as well.

Since my boyfriend is a JLC wannabe… (harhar!), whenever we have our presscons,
he usually quote JLC’s famous line:
… since nandito na tayo lahat… once and for all gusto ko na din sabihin at sagutin… (pause…) yes, its us!

Presscon (harhar!)

We’ll be having more presscons in the coming days! Haha! We owe stories to our friends! 🙂

The night is still young so we headed to Bonifacio High Street for our further revelations and heart to heart talk. Afterwhich, we had our date in Murray and D’vine in Serendra. We ordered the heart-shaped Sloppy Joe, onion rings and fries! Their heart shaped burger is so cute just like us and yes, we really are so in love!

Murray & D'vine


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