(3) Part 2: Yes, It’s Us – Main Screening

Posted: 09/05/2010 in Cheezy updates
While we were in the parking area as we head to Marsha Navene’s Christening, he gave me this book: “All about us” which is designed for couples for us to get to know more about US!

All About Us

At first, I thought it was a collection of all our adventures but I was just assuming! Haha! After he gave it to me, we intimately hug each other with smiles of joy in our face. The revelation of the most awaited day was revealed and it was on that day! It was the most awaited day since everything was ok, the only thing that’s missing is making us officially in a relationship on a certain day! I really feel so thankful since until now, I’m still thankful that we are in a relationship. No more worries for us! I just can’t find words that would perfectly describe how I love him. My love for him is more than perfect since it’s overflowing.

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