(2) Part 1: Yes, It’s Us – Premiere Night

Posted: 09/05/2010 in Cheezy updates
It was the night before 8-28 when we watched the Despicable Me Premiere in SM Megamall for free courtesy of
SM Cinema Facebook contest. I just got lucky to win 2 tickets for this by effortly counting the minions in their poster! Haha!

Despicable Me Premiere (I have counted all the minions in the middle poster. haha!)

We were also lucky enough to be one of the pioneers who were able to try the soon to be launched
Winema – the first interactive cinema in the Philippines! This requires team effort from the viewers to be a human joystick to control the characters on the screen left and right by waving their hands which will be caught by the sensitive camera. It was cool, fun and exciting!

We also went to Banchetto in Ortigas for our late night dinner or should I say… midnight snacks!
Banchetto is a weekend overnight street food fiesta where you can find all kinds of food from street food, cakes, pastries, pasta, dessert, local and international dishes, burgers, crepe, barbecue, sushi, california maki, shawarma, and almost everything! Name it and you’ll surely have it!



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