(7) Happy Weeksary to US!

Posted: 09/05/2010 in Cheezy updates

Weeehh!! Last Saturday was our Saturdate and it was our 1st weeksary! 🙂

We had our Saturdate in Makati Med! Haha! I accompanied my dear boyfriend for his check up of his self aggravated sickness. lol! 🙂 Unfortunately, we’ll come back again one of these weekends. I hope and pray that he’ll be fine soon.

Afterwhich, we had our lunch in Taco Bell, Gateway. We also saw UST and UP’s world class display of creativity through upcycle art and art canvass painting; as well as this huge travel bag that we were able to fit inside!

Taco Bell - UST and UP Exhibit - Huge Travel Bag

Since we were not able to watch a movie, we just went to Timezone for our videoke afternoon. We usually have a game that whoever has the higher score will have a DQ treat. However, the videoke machine doesn’t give scores so we just played basketball. Waaaahh!! We had the best of 3 but I lost since basketball is a guy game. 😦

Videoke @Timezone

We also went to our house for him to meet my family. We really had a fun kulitan time with my cute little sister, Jam jam and nephew, Andre!

Kulitan with Jam jam and Andre

However, Jec and Ruru weren’t able to come for our dinner treat in greenhills that’s why we just spent our night in my Lola’s house since it’s also my cousin’s birthday.


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