(1) 8-2-8: Yes, it’s us! ♥

Posted: 09/05/2010 in Cheezy updates
Finally, the most awaited day for us has come. It’s 8-28 and yes, it’s us! Oh, how I love this day and how I love the guy with me during this day and in the coming days. ♥

Yes, it's US

Why 8-2-8?
8-28-2010 is our anniversary.
8 symbolizes infinity, 2 represents the two of us surrounded by infinity that binds us.
After my ‘All about him’ online diary, I am now starting my ‘All about us’ online diary here.

Marco ♥ Kat

It started over coffee? Nah… We don’t actually drink coffee! But we started out as friends and everything seems to be a movie. Thus, I’ll be giving you a three-fold story of how this happened. 🙂

  1. son son says:

    ayiiee 😀

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